Welcome to TT International Limited  

TT International is a leading Singapore-based player in the global trading of consumer electronics. Our other lines of business include
the development of AKIRA, our very own house brand of consumer electronics; as well as the
provision of competitive warehousing and logistics services; as well as
the retailing of state-of-the-art modern furniture & beddings and home furnishings services

Akira: makes life better

"AKIRA" - our very own brand" Since the AKIRA brand of consumer electronics was launched in 1994, AKIRA has continued to establish a significant presence and has been sold in 60 countries worldwide.

AKIRA carries a comprehensive range of consumer electronics ranging from audio-visual products such as LED, LCD, DVD players, hi-fis and car audios to household products like air-conditioners, refrigerators, chest freezers, washing machines and vacuum cleaners and other home appliances like microwave ovens, rice cookers, toasters, irons, etc

Third party warehousing and logistics services

Having had many years of experience in 3rd party warehousing and logistics services, TT has positioned itself to become a truly global business partner to all its customers. It is not just physical space, it is the provision of optimal solutions for all our customers. Our many years of experience in providing logistics and other value-added support services had formed a total "tradelogistics" service tailor-made to suit our customers' varied needs. Some of our many valued customers include: - Future Electronics Inc (Warehouse) Pte Ltd, a Canadian-based multinational corporation and Banta Global Turnkey (Singapore) Pte Ltd, an American-based multinational corporation listed in the Fortune 500.

Our Subsidiaries